James Gidney, New Brunswick President, Customs and Immigration Union (left) with John Dolimount, Acting Director, Enforcement and Intelligence Operations Division, Canada Border Services Agency – Atlantic Region (right)

CBSA - Blueprint 2020 Report - December 2016
Improving labour-management relations in the Atlantic Region

An excellent example of an initiative to improve labour-management relations within the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is our Atlantic Region's Labour-Management Partnership Initiative (LMPI) that was established in early 2014. Since the development of the LMPI, this joint committee has engaged with employees, Customs and Immigration Union (CIU) representatives and managers who have championed the creation, development and roll out of the initiative within the region. Managers and union representatives are 'living' the initiative on a daily basis and they are continuing to build on their relationships throughout the region. After participating in LMPI sessions, participants provided positive feedback and have reported that relationships have improved as a result of the sessions. Participants have gained the tools that they need to be able to both successfully resolve outstanding issues and to better address issues as they arise in the workplace. The impact and success of the program has resulted in requests from other regions and from other government departments to have the program delivered. Together, our Agency and the CIU in the Atlantic Region commend the facilitators for their commitment to this program and the willingness of all who attended to participate fully and work towards stronger relationships that are built on trust, collaboration and respect.

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