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Become a CBSA Officer

After You Apply

After you successfully complete all of the steps in the application process, you will be considered eligible for the CBSA Officer Induction Training Program. At this point, you may be invited to attend the training.

Officer Induction Training Program

To help prepare for their role as CBSA officer trainees, candidates must undertake and successfully complete the CBSA Officer Induction Training Program (OITP).

The OITP is designed to develop and assess the following competencies in recruits:

  • Adaptability
  • Analytical thinking
  • Client service orientation
  • Safety orientation
  • Conscientiousness and reliability
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Decisiveness
  • Effective interactive communication
  • Information-seeking techniques
  • Inspection techniques
  • Ability to apply legislation, policies and procedures
  • Values and ethics
  • Writing skills

The program is divided into three phases:

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First Phase

The first phase of the CBSA Officer Induction Training Program is orientation through distance learning (self-paced learning with instructor support via the Internet). To complete this phase of training, all candidates must have access to a computer with an Internet connection.

Candidates are allowed five weeks to complete the 50 hours of training.

This phase is the prerequisite for the second phase — officer training.

Training Objectives

The objective of this phase is to gain:

  • an increased foundational knowledge of the CBSA;
  • a heightened awareness of values and ethics in the CBSA and the public service;
  • an improved awareness of diversity and race relations in the workplace; and
  • an enhanced understanding of how CBSA officers contribute and adhere to the CBSA mission, vision and values.
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Second Phase

The second phase of the program is officer training and assessments. To complete this phase, candidates must attend in-residence training at the CBSA Main Campus in Rigaud, Quebec.

This phase of training is completed over an 18-week period.

Training Objectives

The objective of this phase is to be able to complete the following tasks in a training environment:

  • demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills;
  • perform primary inspection for immigration, food, plant and animal (FPA), and customs program functions;
  • locate and interpret relevant policies, procedures and legislation;
  • identify the appropriate system for use in the application of policies, procedures and legislation;
  • demonstrate control and defensive tactics;
  • demonstrate firearms skills;
  • conduct an arrest, seizure, detention or personal search and identify the grounds for action; and
  • perform secondary inspection immigration, FPA and customs program functions.


  • Performance-based learning
  • Competency-based assessments (e.g. written tests, simulations)


During the in-residence phase of training, candidates will receive an allowance, accommodations and meals. They are also entitled to one return travel trip (from their home residence to the CBSA Main Campus and back).

There will be NO salary paid until candidates successfully complete all the required assessment and accept an offer of employment.

About the CBSA Main Campus – Rigaud, Quebec

CBSA Learning Centre - Rigaud, Quebec
  • Location:

    Rigaud, Quebec (½ hour West from Montréal)
  • Accommodations:

    A private room with bath, equipped with a desk, television, fridge and telephone.

    Accommodation and meals will be provided free of charge.
  • Amenities:

    • Transportation to and from the airport
    • Full-service cafeteria
    • Sports and recreational services including a gym, pool, lounge, recreation room, computer workstations and a variety of outdoor sporting activities.
  • Services available in the town of Rigaud:

    • Public transportation
    • Banking
    • Grocery stores
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Third Phase

The third phase of the program is a developmental understudy program. CBSA officers may be placed at any of the CBSA's locations across Canada. This phase is a continuation of the second phase.

This phase of training commences when CBSA officer trainees are posted to their work location, and continues throughout a developmental program until the training objectives are met.

Training Objectives

The primary objective of this third phase of training is to continue to develop expertise and specialized skills in the mode that the CBSA officer trainee is working in (air, marine, land, etc.).