CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM)
About CARM

What is CARM?

CARM is a multi-year initiative to modernize and optimize CBSA's commercial assessment and revenue collection processes and systems.   CARM is delivering key capabilities to help fulfill CBSA's Commercial Vision.

When fully implemented, CARM will provide new and streamlined ways for commercial Trade Chain Partners to interact with the CBSA, and provide the CBSA with a modernized financial management regime focused on providing self-serve client-based services and processes.     

Why do we need CARM?

CBSA collects over $30B in duties and taxes each year – making it the second largest revenue collector (behind Canada Revenue Agency) for the Government of Canada.  Ensuring the accurate and efficient assessment, collection and reporting of this revenue from importers is key to ensuring the CBSA upholds its financial stewardship responsibilities.  

By reusing data and making the processes associated with the assessment and collection of duties and taxes simpler for commercial clients, complying with the rules and regulations will be much less of a burden.  At the end of the day, doing business in Canada will be easier. 

What are the benefits of CARM?

The CBSA is committed to ensuring accurate assessment and payment of duties and taxes on commercial products and services brought into this country.  By automating and sharing information in support of assessments, verifications and collections, CARM will ensure that the laws and regulations governing imports are correctly applied, and that monies owed to the government are paid, with minimum burden to those involved in the import processes. 

Client-centric, integrated and automated processes will reduce the administrative barriers on importers required to register for commercial programs, access tariff and rulings information, import goods, reconcile accounts and remit payments while also creating cost efficiencies within the CBSA.

CARM will improve both the accuracy and availability of trade data – contributing the work of a number of economic oriented government organizations and the government's open data initiatives while also aiding in the identification of trade related crime.

CARM introduces tremendous opportunity for new and creative ways of combining, presenting and using information – CBSA fully expects that additional complimentary services will be developed within the broader commercial continuum.

What has been accomplished to date?

CARM accomplishments to date include:

What are the next steps in CARM's implementation?

CARM will be implemented in phases by 2020.  CBSA is currently involved in a collaborative procurement process with industry following Public Services and Procurement Canada's (PSPC) Smart Procurement approach.  CBSA is looking to engage a vendor to work with for the design and implementation of CARM – with a view to capitalize on innovative industry solutions.

Future CARM features will include:

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