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The Administrative Monetary Penalty System

Penalty Assessment Process

If it is determined that you are not in compliance with the relevant legislation and regulations, you will be assessed a penalty based on several determining factors including:

Notice of Penalty Assessment

When you are assessed a penalty under AMPS you will receive a Notice of Penalty Assessment from the CBSA describing the infraction and the penalty incurred.

  • Two copies of the NPA are served to you (the client), either hand-delivered or sent by registered mail.
  • One copy is for your (the client's) records; the second copy must be included when remitting payment.
  • A copy of the NPA will be provided to your broker if their account security number is used in assessing the penalty.

More information on NPAs

Requesting a review of an AMPS assessment


If you believe that the action taken (penalty assessment) was incorrect, you may contact the issuing CBSA office within 90 days of the date on your notice. Errors must be evident to both parties and may include but are not limited to errors in calculation, name, address, contravention type and amount assessed.

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If you believe that you have not received your full entitlements under the law, or you are not in agreement on a penalty matter, you have the right to request a formal review of your file within 90 days of the enforcement action.

More information on redress

For more information on AMPS penalties refer to Memorandum D22-1-1, Administrative Monetary Penalty System